Over the years I took to extensive training and tried to find new ways to challenge myself physically, mentally I’d taken a back seat. Through the training I got stronger to a point where I was able to squat about 95kgs to the ground with no problem. During a training session with my former coach I mentioned a very sharp pain in both my hips. He asked me to keep pushing on so I did. Weeks passed and it got progressively worse..

Xrays of the hips were taken, these guys were stumped.ImageImage


I went through to MRA procedures and 4 months with a physician before diagnosis. An MRA is where they inject a metal dye into the joint so they can see any inconsistencies, at first I was told I had none. The second one confirmed a tear in the Labrum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetabular_labrum ( just in case you’re wondering.) I hadn’t been able to train for 9 months properly so I was relieved to have a diagnosis. however it’s not one I was hoping for.  So I have two labral tears, one in each joint., such a cool machine though!They look for a break in the fluid, so if it goes anywhere else except in the joint. First Image there is no contrast. last two there is contrast.





they sat me down and said look, they are only 8mm and they need to be 15mm for operate on in order for them to repair them. SO instead my lovely sport physician said we’re going to condition the muscles so they they stay in the joint ans prevent the tear from getting bigger.


Rehab is very aggressive! I don’t even need too do any training really.


So here it is


kettlebell cleans 10-20 * 3

kettlebell snatch 10-20*3

kettle bell swing 10-20*3

single leg squat 10*3

swissball bridge 15*3

dyna band lunges 20 steps

Dyna band side steps 10 *10 each way ( OUCH)

Single leg hip raises 15*3


I better be a skinny mini at the end of all this!!! 😉